What is DAB and DAB+ ?

GenX Radio Suffolk is now available on DAB+ across Suffolk! DAB+ is a newer version of traditional DAB. Traditional DAB is inefficient both technically and audibly. Whilst traditional, legacy DAB technology is more compatible, it uses more bandwidth to transmit (meaning less stations can broadcast on a single digital frequency) and the old audio technology […]

Can I listen to Gen X Radio on DAB+ ?

Yes you can! As of Monday 31st October 2022 we have launched on DAB+ (What is DAB and DAB+?) Getting Tuned In The first step to checking for DAB+ capability is to simply do a full channel scan on your existing radio. If you can find us, then you have DAB+! Most radio’s have a […]

Is there an iPhone/iPad App?

Yes, we’re really pleased to now have our Apple iOS App launched – if you’re on an iPhone or iPad you can download it here: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/genx-radio/id1605591178

Listener Survey

We’d love you to fill in our Listener Survey if you have 5 minutes to spare. It’s completely anonymous, but helps us understand you better, and provide better more relevant content for you. Thankyou! Take the Gen X Radio Listener Survey here.

Is there a Google Play App?

Yes, we’re really pleased to now have our Google Play App launched – if you’re on Android you can download it here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.radio.m7187d72c3

How Can I Listen To The Stream All Day?

If you’re listening on Alexa, just say “Alexa (or your chosen wake word) play Gen X Radio Suffolk” and you’ll have Gen X Radio accompanying you for as long as you want. On the website, click the ‘pop out’ icon on the top right of any of the radio players, this will open the stream […]