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Can I listen to Gen X Radio on DAB+ ?

Yes you can! As of Monday 31st October 2022 we have launched on DAB+ (What is DAB and DAB+?)

Getting Tuned In

The first step to checking for DAB+ capability is to simply do a full channel scan on your existing radio. If you can find us, then you have DAB+!

Most radio’s have a very easy full scan option. Please consult your radio manual for detailed instructions.

Automatic Tuning

To perform a full scan on most portable sets:

  1. Ensure the radio is in DAB mode and selected onto a digital station
  2. Press the MENU key (or press and hold the MENU key if the key is multi-functional, i.e, a MENU/INFO key)
  3. Look for Scan and select Automatic – some radio’s may require you to select Factory Reset or Prune
  4. Wait up to 10 minutes for the receiver to reboot and scan. We recommend not running a scan on battery power and do not disconnect power during a scan
  5. After scanning, navigate to the letter G and you should find “GenX” or “GenX Suffolk”, press SELECT/OK to tune

Some receivers can have GenX added without performing a full scan or reset. This is handy for keeping presets but sometimes won’t work properly if the receiver has loads of channels stored (for example, a receiver that have been tuned in another county previously)

Need More Help?

See our full DAB+ Tuning page here: